About Me

Well, I’d say I’m not very interesting, but that certainly won’t make you want to stick around, so I’ll give you a little background on yours truly. My name is Ashton, I dislike long walks on the beach, but could go for a great hike with the pup (he would enjoy it for three seconds before he decides to flop on the ground).

Professionally, I am a Corporate Recruiter and HR Generalist with a tech company. I do love my work, but the immersion in numbers and technology is worlds away from my field of study in Art History, Literature and Writing. Even still, my job does give me some unique insight and motivation for my true love: writing and creation.

I have been writing in some capacity since I was an angsty preteen, demanding for everyone one I knew to read my first god-awful attempts at short fiction. To everyone who has even read them, thank you for not crushing my soul. I totally would have deserved it for those… masterpieces. Primarily, I gravitate toward fiction writing, but as you will see from the things that I post, that is not my only interest. Anything I can write about is something that I will try my hand at; even if the final result hadn’t been the goal, I will have at least learned something new in the process!

I hope you enjoy my site, and if you have any requests for articles, reviews or any other content, please reach out! I would love to hear from you.


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