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An Unlikely Ally

The first practice of lacrosse season, I had been expecting to drill hard and then probably be benched for the season–like a red shirt in football. In fact, I’d expected every freshman to have the same results. There was one in particular, though, that I wasn’t convinced that was actually a freshman. He barely took…

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New Art Additions

Hey There! Hope you’re enjoying spring; I know winter gave us Michiganders one last snowstorm to say goodbye. This isn’t a provocative article this time, although you’ll see more of those soon, as well as some short fiction that I’ve been toying with. March and April just happened to turn into art months rather than…

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Tackling a Career Change

As a recruiter, I talk to people in many different walks of life. One thing I’ve come across more and more recently are people making changing careers, either because their old one is no longer in demand or because they’ve found a passion that they want to explore. The hardest part is often taking the…

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